Section 1. Amendment of Use Restrictions. Articles B and C of this instrument which relate to use of the Lots in the Subdivision may be amended and changed by the written consent of the owners of the fee title (in the case title is subject to a real estate contract, the vendees under the real estate contract shall be deemed to be owners of the fee title) of no less than seventy percent (70%) of all of the Lots in all of the Subdivisions which have been made subject to the provision of this Declaration. For the purpose of amendment, consent to an amendment by a fee owner shall be binding upon the owner and of any successors to the fee title for a period of six month after it is given for the purpose of calculating the percentage required for adoption of the consent. Consents required under this Section shall be delivered to the Community Organization which shall tabulate them. Its determination of the sufficiency of the consent shall be conclusive, and an amendment to Articles B and C shall be effective when a written Notice of Amendment signed and acknowledged by the president and secretary of the Community Organization is recorded in King County, Washington, stating that the requisite consent has been obtained and setting forth the amendment in its entirety.

Section 2. Amendment to Opens Spaces and Maintenance Obligations. No amendment may be made to Article E, relating to open spaces, or to Section 1, Article D, relating to maintenance obligations, without the prior vote of the holders of ninety percent (90%) of the total membership of the Community Organization and the consent of King County or other municipal government having jurisdiction. When the governmental approval has been given and such vote has been obtained approving an amendment to Article E or Section 1, Article D, then such amendment may be effective by recording a copy of the governmental consent with a Notice of Amendment executed and acknowledged by the president and secretary of the Community Organization in King County, Washington.