Section 1. Maintenance Obligations. Declarant shall convey and quit claim to the Community Organization Declarant's right, title and interest in Tracts A, B, F and 0, of the plat of Woodbrook Division No. I. Title to Tracts A and B shall be held by the Community Organization as Sensitive Area Tracts in accordance with the provisions on the face of the plat of Woodbrook Division No. 1, and to the extent allowed by such provisions the Community Organization shall maintain such Tracts A and B. Title to Tracts F and G shall be held by the Community Organization and maintained as open space in accordance with the provisions of Article E below. Declarant shall have, and hereby reserves the right from time to time to enter such properties and to make improvements and alterations thereto, all at its cost to such properties, all as it deems advisable at its discretion. In addition, the Community Organization shall maintain (a) trees which are in the plat of Woodbrook Division No. 1 and which the Declarant locates and places along the west side of 55th Avenue South, the east side of 48th Avenue South, and along both sides of a portion of South 283rd Street, and (b) assume and perform the obligation contained in any Plat that a Lot owner shall maintain the landscaping in any planter islands located in a Plat. The Community Organization may undertake any additional activities for the benefit of the Subdivision and residents therein as the directors of the Community Organization may determine.

Section 2. Membership. There shall be one membership in the Community Organization for each Lot of each Plat. Membership shall stand in the name or names of the persons or parties who, from time to time, are record fee title owners of Lots which are not subject to a recorded contract for purchase and sale and who, from time to time, are the holders of the vendee's interest under a recorded contract for purchase and sale of Lots. Membership in the Community Organization shall be and is appurtenant to and not severable from such fee ownership or vendee's interest and shall transfer and terminate with transfers and termination of such interests as they may appear of public record. Membership shall entitle the owners of the appurtenant Lot, the residents thereon and their families to enjoy the facilities and services provided by the Community Organization, subject to the rules, regulations and payments as may now or hereafter be established by the Community Organization, which rules, regulations and payments shall apply equally to all memberships.

Section 3. Lien. In order to provide for maintenance and improvement of the Community Organization's various properties and the proper operation of the Community Organization, each grantee and vendee of Lots, their heirs, successors and assigns shalt and do, by the act of accepting a deed or entering into a contract of sale as vendee, jointly and severally agree that they and each of them shall pay to the Community Organization the assessments, dues and charges levied according to the Bylaws of the Community Organization against them as the holder of a membership. In the event that such assessments, dues or charges owed by any membership to the Community Organization remain unpaid to the Community Organization for a period of sixty days after the due date, then the Community Organization may place a written notice of public record in King County, Washington, that the Community Organization claims a lien against the Lot to which the membership is appurtenant for the amount of delinquent assessments, dues and charges together with interest at the rate of twelve percent per annum from the date due until paid and attorneys' fees as herein provided. From and after recording such notice, and not prior to such recording, the Lot to which the membership is appurtenant shall be subject to a lien to the Community Organization as security for all unpaid assessments, dues and charges in the amount designated therein with interest and attorneys' fees, together with all future unpaid assessments, dues and charges accrued until the lien arising because of the notice is released by the Community Organization. The lien herein granted to the Community Organization shall be subordinate to the lien of any bona fide mortgage or deed of trust given for value recorded prior to the recording of the notice of claim of lien. A release of a lien shall only release the lien arising because of the notice but not rights under this Article to file a subsequent notice of claim of lien for subsequent delinquencies after a notice is released. Such lien may be foreclosed in the manner of a mortgage of real property and, in such foreclosure action, the Community Organization shall recover a reasonable sum as attorneys' fees therein and the reasonable and necessary costs of searching and abstracting the public record. Notwithstanding any provisions hereof appearing to the contrary, the sale or transfer of title to a Lot pursuant to a mortgage foreclosure or any proceeding in lieu thereof, shall extinguish the lien created hereby for any unpaid assessments, dues and charges which became due prior to such sale or transfer; provided that no sale or transfer shall relieve such Lot from a lien for assessments, dues and charges thereafter becoming due and provided further that "mortgage" as used in this sentence means a mortgage, deed of trust or other security given for a debt which is guaranteed by the Veterans Administration or insured by The Federal Housing Administration as agencies of the United States government.

Section 4. Maintenance. In consideration of the rights and liens conferred upon the Community Organization, it hereby agrees to perform the maintenance obligations provided for herein. For this purpose it joins in the execution hereof.