Section 1. Improvements. No Lot shall be used for any purpose other than for single family residential purposes. No dwelling, residence, outbuilding, fence, wall; building, pool or other structure or improvement shall be erected, altered, placed or maintained on any Lot unless it shall comply with these restrictions and the following:

(a) Prior to placing any structure or making any improvement on a Lot and prior to clearing and grading of a Lot, the plans and specifications for the structure or improvement shall be submitted to and approved by the Committee as provided in Article C. When constructed or placed on the Lot, the improvement and structure shall substantially conform to the plans and specifications as approved by the Committee.

(b) Prior to making any change or alteration to the external appearance of any existing improvement on a Lot, plans and specifications for the alteration and change shall be submitted to and approved by the Committee as provided in Article C. When made, the change or alteration to the existing improvement shall substantially conform to the plans and specifications as approved by the Committee.

(c) No work on any improvements shall be started on any Lot without first obtaining any and all necessary permits from the proper and applicable governmental agency or agencies. No structure may be placed or erected on a Lot except by a person or firm holding a valid contractor's license. No part of any building or structure shall be located closer to the boundaries of a Lot than the building setback lines, if any, shown on the face of a Plat. All structures and improvements shall conform to the setback requirements of the Department of Development and Environmental Services of King County, Washington, as the requirements are amended from time to time; provided that nothing herein shall require that, because of a change in the requirements, a building which was originally located in conformity with such requirements be removed.

(d) All buildings and improvements on a Lot shall be of permanent construction. No temporary structure, trailer, tent, garage, outbuilding or other similar device shall be placed on any Lot, except for not more than fifteen months with the permission of the Committee incident to and during the construction of a permanent improvement on the property. Garages, outbuildings and other such structures of permanent construction shall be permitted if the use thereof is appurtenant to an existing permanent residential structure conforming with the provisions of this Declaration.

(e) Once started, the work of constructing, altering, repairing or reconstructing any structure or improvement on a Lot shall be diligently prosecuted until the structure or improvement is completed and, in any event, the exterior of the structure shall be completed and finished within nine months after the work first commences.

(f) The residence on each Lot shall have at least 1,800 square feet of enclosed area devoted to living purposes. The exterior finish of the structures on a Lot shall be completed in materials acceptable in the construction industry for exterior finish. The general external appearance of a structure on a Lot shall be substantially comparable with the general appearance of surrounding existing structures.

(g) Each improved Lot shall be graded to present a reasonably harmonious transitional appearance from Lot to Lot and the front yard shall be landscaped. Landscaping shall be deemed an improvement, shall be completed within six months after the structures are completed and shall substantially conform to approved plans. Nothing herein shall preclude landscaping which utilizes natural vegetation; provided that noxious wild weeds and plants shall not be permitted on a Lot.

(h) No exterior microwave receivers (satellite dishes) larger than 18 inches 'n diameter, no aerials or antennas for television, radio or other purposes shall be permitted to be installed in the Subdivision unless the device is in an area where the visibility of the device will be minimized when viewed from other Lots or roads. No such device shall be installed on any lot without the prior written approval of the Committee. 

(i) No lines or wires for the transmission of electric current or television or telephone signals shall be constructed or placed or permitted to be placed outside of the buildings on a Lot unless the wires or lines shall be underground or in conduit attached to a building or structure,

Section 2. Animals. No animals shall be kept or permitted on the Subdivision except for household pets which are kept by the occupiers of a Lot and which do not unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of any Lot. No commercial raising, breeding, training or dealing in animals shall be conducted or permitted on any Lot.

Section 3. Signs. No sign, billboard or other advertising structure or device shall be located, placed or maintained in the Subdivision, except that a sign not to exceed five square feet in area may be placed on a Lot to offer the property for sale or rent. The Committee may cause any sign placed in the Subdivision in violation of this provision to be removed and destroyed.

Section 4. Maintenance. Each Lot shall be maintained by the owner thereof in a neat, clean and sightly condition at all times and shall be kept free of accumulations of litter, junk, containers, equipment, building materials and other debris. No storage of goods, vehicles or equipment used for commercial purposes, or boats, trailers, trucks, campers or other recreational equipment shall be permitted in open view from any Lot. All refuse shall be kept in sanitary containers. A place shall be provided in each Lot where such sanitary containers shall be kept and be concealed from view of any Lot while on a Lot. Such containers shall regularly be emptied with the contents disposed of off the Subdivision. No grass cuttings, leaves, limbs, branches, and other debris from vegetation shall be dumped or allowed to accumulate on any part of the Subdivision, except that a regularly tended compost device on a Lot shall not be prohibited. Improvements on a Lot shall be maintained in good order and repair.

Section 5. Nuisances. No Lot shall be used in whole or part for storage of anything which will cause the Lot to appear in an unclean, disorderly or untidy condition. No noxious activity or thing shall be permitted on a Lot. Nothing shall be done or permitted on an Lot which may be or become a nuisance or unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of any part of the Subdivision.

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