Section 1. Definitions. As used herein:

(a) The word "Plat" shall refer to the plat of Woodbrook Division No. 1, described above, any future plat or plats of Tracts E, H and J of Woodbrook Division No. 1, and any other plat of real property; provided that the future or other plat is hereafter made subject to the provisions of this Declaration by written instrument signed by Declarant in accordance with Section 4, Article F.

(b) The word "Lot" or "Lots" shall refer to lots as shown on any Plat as defined hereby; a "Tract" shown on a Plat shall not be a Lot.

(c) The word "Subdivision" shall refer to the real property included within the Plats as defined hereby.

(d) The words "Community Organization" shall refer to the Woodbrook Homeowners' Association, a nonprofit corporation formed as the homeowners' association for the purpose of owning, maintaining and managing landscaping, open spaces and sensitive areas, enforcing these covenants and doing other things for the benefit of its memberships.

(e) The word "Committee" is defined in. Section 1, Article C.