ACC Request Form and Instructions

Filing an ACC (Architectural Control Committee) request with the HOA is easy. 

Download and print the ACC Request form below. Follow the instructions, fill it out and either:

  1. Mail it to the normal HOA billing address - Listed on the form
  2. Email a scanned copy of the form to WoodbrookHOA@MyHOAonline.com Subject: ACC Request For (your parcel or property address)
  3. FAX it to (253) 322-2122
Homeowners Improvements Application
  • In addition to the application, you will need to submit, as appropriate, the following attachments.
  • Full details of purpose and/or reason for improvement.
  • Site plan with scale drawings of exact dimensions of improvement showing location on property. Note distance from property lines. Show relationship of improvement to neighboring homes and/or open spaces.
  • Drawings and/or illustrations showing the design of proposed improvement.
    • List type of materials to be used.
    • Identify whether color to be used is same as existing siding, or trim, on house or attach a color chip for review
  • Grading plan, if changes in grade, or other conditions adversely affecting drainage, are anticipated. Note: Generally, approval will be denied if adjoining properties are adversely affected by changes in drainage.
  • Landscape plan, if application is for landscaping or if landscaping is relevant to project.
  • Signed written agreement of affected lot owner if improvement falls outside your property lines.
  • Signed and dated "Acknowledgement of Applicant" (provided below).
Acknowledgement of Applicant
  1. I understand that construction of certain major projects require that I obtain a King County building permit, and may even require a permit from the City of Auburn. Approval of a project by the ACC does not affect, or alter, that requirement.
  2. I understand that no construction activity shall take place prior to approval of the plans by the ACC. The ACC will require a minimum of five (5) days and a maximum of thirty (30) days to complete their review of the project. If alterations are made from the approved plans, I may be required to return the property to its former condition at my expense; and, I may be required to pay all legal expenses incurred if legal action becomes necessary.
  3. I understand that members of the ACC are permitted to enter on my property to make reasonable inspection of proposed construction locations.
  4. It is understood that I am aware that the Covenants, Controls & Restrictions, as well as the Woodbrook HOA Rules & Regulations, will be the basis for the review process by the ACC.
  5. The alteration authority granted by this application will be revoked automatically if the alteration requested has not commenced within one year of the approval date of this application and/or has not been completed within 90 days of commencement of the project.
  6. I understand that any approval is contingent upon construction or alterations being completed in a workman-like manner as per plans submitted.
  7. I understand that if I disagree with the ACC ruling, an appeals procedure is provided directly through the Board of Directors.